Worried about ‘baby blues’ after delivery, then take care of yourself like this

Tips to avoid baby blues – After a few days of delivery, if your behavior has changed a lot, then you may be a victim of ‘baby blues’. Many women have this problem. About 80% of women face baby blue after delivery. During this time you may feel some things which may be completely different for you like nervousness, feeling very sad, emotional etc. However, there is no need to panic about it. For this it is important to know why it happens and how to deal with it. With the help of the tips given here, you can get rid of this problem.

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why does this happen

After delivery, both estrogen and progesterone suddenly decrease. Which are the causes of mood swings. During this, there is a very rapid change in hormones which affects your mental health. In baby blues, you also feel scared, sad and you also feel depression.

what can you do during this

‘Baby blues’ gets better on its own. It does not require any treatment, but it can be improved a bit by doing some things like-

  • Try to sleep as much as possible.
  • Get help from your partner and family members and tell them how you are feeling.
  • Try to do the work in which you feel like shopping movies.
  • If someone is going to see the child. So leaving the child in his trust, go for a walk outside for a while. This will make you feel good.
  • Stay away from alcohol and drugs during this time. These will affect your mind in the wrong way.
  • Eat healthy food and try to do some exercise. This will reduce your stress.

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doctor’s help

In most cases, there is no need to seek the help of a doctor. But still here are some such symptoms, if they are in you, then you should immediately seek the help of health care provider.

  • If you are trying to harm yourself, then definitely seek the help of a doctor.
  • If your condition does not improve in two weeks, then contact your doctor.
  • Even if you are not able to take care of your baby, there is a need to go to the doctor.
  • If you are not able to do your work by yourself, then you need to go to the doctor.

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