Worried about pain during breastfeeding? get relief like this

Pain During Breastfeeding Care: New mothers often have pain in their breasts while breastfeeding. There are many reasons for this, from let down reflection to too much supply can also cause pain. Which needs to be dealt with. Along with this, when you think about the baby, the hormone oxytocin is released. Many times due to this, there is also leakage from your breasts by listening to the voice of the child or looking at the child. Many times when milk comes in the breast, there is also a feeling of tingling, prickling and tingling. Apart from this, there are many reasons.

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excessive milk production

Some women get more breast milk than necessary. Because of this also they have chest pain. Which subsides after 3 months. This pain subsides if the baby is breastfed properly. But many times if you are not able to feed him properly or the baby is not able to latch then this problem increases.


In mastitis condition, milk is not able to come out properly. This causes swelling in the breasts and it blocks the milk duct many times. Due to which a lot of pain can also cause fever. This happens when there is more swelling or pain in the breast. Feed the baby from that breast. If still the pain is not reducing, then apply ice on it or compress it with warm water. Apart from this, with the help of breast pump, whoever takes out the milk.

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There is a type of infection that can occur in the baby’s mouth and your nipple. If children have taken any kind of antibiotic medicine, then the risk of getting this infection increases.

Apart from this, there can be many other reasons

  • There is a possibility of pain even if the period comes after delivery.
  • Not wearing the right fitting bra also hurts

what to do to avoid it

  • Feed the baby every 2 hours
  • Periodically caress and massages the breasts
  • In case of pain, compress the breasts with warm water.
  • Use a breast pump if the baby is unable to latch on properly

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