Worried about the child’s low height, improving these habits can benefit

Height increasing tips: Short height of children is a common problem in poor countries. According to the National Family Health Service (NFHS-4) data, children in India are the shortest in the world. God is not responsible for short height, but food and drink have a big role. In some cases, genes are responsible, but according to the survey, the height of most children does not grow because the mother’s nutrition is not right during pregnancy. Apart from this, due to poverty, children also do not have healthy food and drink. TOI According to the news, it is very important to have nutritious food for the height of children. If the height of children is not increasing, then it can be increased with a balanced diet and some exercise. Here are some remedies that can be used to increase the height of the child.
Increase child’s height in this way

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balanced diet
After birth, a balanced diet is most important for the child. Include such a diet in the diet of children which is of course in small quantities but is rich in nutrients. Include milk and pulses daily in the diet of children. The amount of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, fats etc. should be balanced in children’s food.

sprouted grains
Children should inculcate the habit of sprouted grains only after taking solid food. Whole grains, whole gram, etc. should be gradually included in their diet. From the age of 1-3 years, children should be fed 2 cups of whole grains daily. Nutrients such as protein, iron, calcium and B vitamins are found in whole grains.

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It has been revealed in many studies that children who play more and more have good height. So encourage your children to play outdoors.

Exercise is very important for the height of children. Children should be given all kinds of exercise from the beginning. But there are some special exercises that increase the height of the child. Stretching is very beneficial to increase height. In this exercise, lying straight on the side of the mouth, the neck is raised slowly with the help of the hand on the ground. Apart from this, hanging is also very beneficial for height. For this, holding it firmly with the help of something, it has to hang down.

yoga asanas

There are many types of yogasanas which are done to increase the height of children. Apart from this, good sleep is also necessary for height.

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