YOGA SESSION: Grivasana and Paschimottasana provide many benefits, learn the right way

Yoga Session with Savita Yadav: Yoga practice is a priceless gift given by Indian sages. By practicing yoga, the mind, body and mind remain healthy. To keep the body fit, nothing is more important than the practice of yoga. Before doing any big yoga practice, it is necessary to do small exercises. This prepares the body. These practices are called subtle exercises. Health is benefited by doing yoga daily. In today’s yoga practice, first we will tell about some subtle exercises. After this, we will tell about Grivasana and Paschimottasana.
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Do some subtle exercises for the shoulder
First of all, we will do some necessary yoga exercises for the operation of the body. This exercise has to be done standing. After standing, lift the right hand forward. Let him be fixed. After that raise the left leg up. Try that the left foot should fit in the right hand. Keep the body straight in this exercise. Do not tilt the body. Without bending the body, lift the leg upwards. Do this exercise 10 times. After that do the same with the other leg. Now relax for a while. After this, do the same action by moving the foot backwards. Let the foot go as far back as it is going. Relax after this exercise. Taking both the hands backwards, move the shoulder backwards. This will give relief to the shoulder. Now in this posture, while taking the hand back, join both the hands and make a fist. Then taking the breath, turn backward according to the capacity and then come forward. Do this exercise 10 times. Then relax and then do the same exercise 10 times. If you have back pain, do not do this exercise.

Keeping the waist straight, twisting the arm reduces belly fat.
After this exercise, make a little gap between both the legs. Then join both the hands forward. After this, take the waist backwards and while breathing, take the waist backwards as per the capacity. Then bend the waist and neck forward as per the capacity. In this way do this exercise 10-10 times. This will strengthen the shoulder and the body fat will also be very less. Relax after this exercise, increase the distance between both the legs. Lift the right hand upwards and then lean towards the other leg as per capacity. Similarly, do the same action by leaning towards the other leg. In this, first bend both the hands towards one leg from side by side and then do the same action on the other side as well. Do this exercise 10-10 times. In this, take the breath going up and then release the breath while coming down. After this, raise both the hands up to the shoulder. Then twist the hand in a circular path. This will also reduce the fat around the waist and abdomen. Do this exercise three times of 10-10.

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Grivasan in cervical problem
Now relax for a while. To do Grivasana, keep both the hands on the waist and slowly bend the neck backwards according to the capacity. Leave the head still in this position for a few seconds. Then bend the neck forward and relax. After doing this exercise, bring the neck to the right side, then keep it stable for a while, then bring it to the left side and keep it stable for a while. After this exercise, tilt the head to the right and then tilt to the left. By doing this exercise, there will be strength in the neck and there will be no problem of cervical.

Paschimottasana is best for sugar patients
After doing this exercise, now you should sit down and do some practice. The first exercise in this is Paschimottana. If there is any problem related to sciatica and stomach then do not do this exercise. This exercise is very good for diabetic patient. To do this exercise, first of all, sit on the ground with both the legs spread outwards. The toes should be forward and together. Inhale, raise your arms and bend to tilt the body forward as far as possible. While bending forward, release the mother-in-law. In this exercise, while keeping the stomach in Thai, take the head forward from the knees. Both your hands should be ahead of the feet. Do this exercise 10-10 times. After doing this, bend the leg till the knees and place your thigh on it. Relax for a while and then stand on your knees. Keep the hand on the back and now while breathing, tilt the head backwards according to the capacity, then slowly bring the head forward. Do this exercise 10-10 times. By doing this exercise, there is a good stretch in the shoulders and spine. Apart from this, the mind remains calm and gets rid of stress. Doing this exercise helps in reducing anxiety, headache and fatigue.

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