Yoga Session: Keep special things in mind while doing Griva Shakti Vikas Yogasana

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: Doing regular yoga is not only good for the health of the body, but it also plays an important role in maintaining mental health. Today yoga instructor Savita Yadav taught how to take care of one’s own health through easy exercises in News18’s live yoga session. Come, let us know how you can do the cervical power development process to keep the body fit.
Before doing Griva Shakti Vikasak Asana, it is very important that you do some subtle exercises i.e. warm up exercise. For this, you must first meditate for some time. After that do pumping with feet. Then slowly practice the steps and do other easy exercises.

How to do Griva Shakti Vikas Asana?

To do Griva Shakti Vikasak Yogasana, first of all sit in Vajrasana on a yoga mat. After this, try to calm your mind by sitting in this posture for some time. Along with this, focus your attention on your body. Keep in mind that during this your back and spine should be straight. After this, while breathing, move your neck backwards. In this posture, you look towards the sky. Now while exhaling, bring the neck down and do the chin lock.

However, it is very important to keep in mind that people who have neck pain or who are suffering from cervical pain should not lock the chin. They leave their necks loose. Let us tell you that you can do this easy standing or sitting in Sukhasan. Do this at least 5 to 8 times.

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Benefits of this yoga asana

Gruva Shakti Vikasak Yoga is very beneficial in keeping the neck healthy, it also keeps the blood circulation right. Do this regularly.

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Keep in mind that the practice of yoga has to be done according to your ability. During this, it is very important to follow the special rules related to breathing and exercise. Along with this, it is also necessary to take the right nutrition in the right amount. You can easily take care of your health only through subtle exercises. Along with this, you can also prepare your body for big asanas.

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