Yoga Session: To keep body and mind healthy, do Pranayama, know the right way

Yoga Session With Savita Yadav: It is very important to do yoga regularly for better health and mental health of the body. By exercising daily, not only will you stay away from many diseases, but you will also feel fresh. Today yoga instructor Savita Yadav taught how to take care of one’s own health through easy exercises in News18’s live yoga session. Come, let us know what small exercises you can do to keep the body fit. Along with this, know the correct method of doing Pranayama

Before doing pranayama, practice breathing for a while and meditate and calm the mind. After this prepare the body through some subtle exercises. For this, first of all, sit on the yoga mat with legs stretched in front. After this, move your toes back and forth. During this, the heels will remain at the same place on the ground. Now move your toes clockwise and anti-clockwise. After doing this exercise, bring your thighs in contact with the upper part of the body. Inhale while taking the legs forward and exhale while bringing them back near the chest. If you cannot move both legs back and forth simultaneously, then you can do it one by one. Similarly, do some other small exercises as well.

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Pranayama now. For this, sit in Padmasana. Now place your palms on the knees. After this, pull the stomach inwards. Taking your breath in slowly, raise your ribs upwards. Now hold your breath. For this, hold your breath according to your capacity. Then exhale slowly. Complete 3 such cycles. Uddiyana bandha can also be done by exhaling and inhaling.

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Keep in mind that the practice of yoga has to be done according to your ability. During this, it is very important to follow the special rules related to breathing and exercise. Along with this, it is also necessary to take the right nutrition in the right amount. You can easily take care of your health only through subtle exercises. Along with this, you can also prepare your body for big asanas.

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