You might not even know the right way to brush, do teeth cleaning like this

Tips to sparkling teeth: A sparkling smile brings a glow to your personality. If your teeth are shining, then it has the same effect as if some light is illuminating the room. Yes, the beauty of teeth increases the beauty of the face manifold. Every one of us knows that brushing should be done early in the morning. But very few people know how to brush. To make the teeth shiny, it is necessary that the cleaning between the teeth should be done properly. daily Mail According to the report published in this, some simple tips are needed to make the teeth shiny, with the help of which the beauty of the face can also be enhanced.

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Do not rinse after brushing
We often rinse with water for a long time after brushing. This is not a good habit. Tooth paste contains fluoride, which prevents tooth decay. It protects our teeth in a way. If we rinse it out with water, then fluoride will also come out with it. The better treatment is that after brushing, spit out the paste completely and not pour it out by filling the mouth with water. For this, spit out the paste completely.

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Cleaning between teeth is essential
Everyone brushes. Some people brush twice a day, but a regular toothbrush can clean only 60 percent of the teeth. Front and back cleaning is possible with a simple brush. This means that the cleaning between the two teeth is not possible. That is, the dirt gets stuck between the teeth, which can later cause decay. Therefore, use a standard tooth brush that can remove the dirt between the teeth.

hold the brush like a pencil
Most of us hold our toothbrush in the clasp of our fist. This can put a lot of pressure on the teeth while brushing. By doing this, the fluoride that protects the teeth can also be released. A better way to do this is to hold the tooth brush like a pencil. Researchers from University College London have found that holding a brush like a pencil helps in cleaning between the teeth. This does not strengthen the grip and keeps the gum healthy.

Say bye to cold drinks and alcohol
If you want to make your smile impressive, then cut down on gas, mixed drinks and alcoholic beverages. Both these things damage the enamel, the hard layer of the teeth. Researchers warn that excessive use of alcohol degrades the outer layer of teeth. It leaves a bad effect when alcohol is mixed with gaseous mixed drinks ie cold drinks. Therefore, to maintain the beauty of the teeth, avoid these things.

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