Your DL and RC will change from today, know what will be special

New Delhi: The government is constantly making changes regarding the traffic rules. Recently, after the implementation of the new Motor Vehicle Act, now from October 1, i.e. today, there will be a big change in your driving license and RC. These new rules will be applicable across the country from October 1.

what is the problem-
Till now the format of DL and RC is different in every state, due to which the given information is on different pages. But now after the implementation of this new rule, there will be same DL and RC in the whole country. Let us tell you that the government had issued a notification about this some time ago.

DL will be equipped with microchip and QR code
These smart driving licenses and RCs will have microchip and QR code and their printing will also be same. Till now, DL and RC differ from state to state. After the new changes, there will be no confusion regarding the driving license and registration certification of the vehicle.

Difficult to hide details
Due to the presence of microchip and QR code in these smart driving license DL and RC, it will be almost impossible to hide the violation of traffic rules in the past. Through this QR code, the previous record of the driver or vehicle from the central online database can be read through a device. The traffic police will get all the details of the vehicle and the driver as soon as they insert the card into the device they have or scan the QR code.

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